Accept payments anytime, anywhere, in any currency.

Completely non-custodial. Truly no-code. Zero chargebacks.

Your assets and money remain yours, we help you manage them without any fuss. Get the simplicity and convenience of a single platform to manage your payments.

Receive payments fast. It’s seamless and quick.

We help you set up your business without any hassles. Set up quickly and get an account of all your payments received from day zero.

  • 190+ Cryptocurrencies and multiple chains
  • Complete control of your money and assets
  • No-code integration, non-custodial, real-time settlement
  • Insights and analysis to help you strategize

Why MooPay?

Because we believe decentralization is true freedom. We want to build a space where payments are democratic, creators are financially independent, and businesses are in charge of their own finances.

What does MooPay offer?

We make it easy to manage money by encapsulating your payments in a single platform. MooPay is completely agnostic—for currencies and businesses.

Create Unique Payment Links

Get a one-time-use payment link and share it via email, SMS, messenger, chatbot, etc. Get paid immediately.

Build Online Pages

Create an online page without the hassles of coding. Set up payments and hit the ground running.

Get Paid Faster

Create a payment button and use it everywhere you sell. Get paid immediately for your products and services.

Design Subscription Plans

Create subscription plans with automated recurring transactions on various payment modes.

Manage Received Payments

Receive payments and automatically split and transfer them to the vendor’s account.  Manage your payment flow.

Collect and Reconcile

Automate reconciliation of incoming payments using wallets and addresses created for every transaction.

MooPay Payment Gateway


We support all reputed platforms to ensure you accept payments with the highest security.

MooPay Plugins

We support all major platforms, so you can easily accept payments on your website.

MooPay SDKs

For your app or custom integrations, use our SDK and access our rich suite of features.

MooPay for Freelancers

Get paid in any currency, without any additional charges. Collect payments, rinse, repeat.

Get the right tools. Manage your company’s finances

We have built a solution that is specifically made for making your business easy. Get all the tools you need to manage your financial health.

  • Easy, no-code solutions to hit the ground running
  • Automate payments to vendors and customers
  • Simplify and track transactions with the MooPay dashboard
  • Settle your accounts and reconcile in real-time

Global platform, seamless API integrations

By integrating different layers of the payment stack together, MooPay acts as both the payment gateway as well as the payment processor for online transactions.

  • Benefit from more efficient online payment processing 
  • Maximize payment approval rates
  • Minimize fees, increase security, and open more opportunities 
  • Automate and optimize online payment flows

MooPay Token

The MooPay (MOO) Token is the native coin that runs the MooPay ecosystem and administers the decentralized protocols. MOO has been fully functional since its introduction.

The more tokens you HODL, the better benefits you get.


Token holders can vote and define MooPay’s roadmap

Staking Rewards

Stake MooPay tokens, provide liquidity, and get rewards

Reduced Fee

Token holders get up to 25% fee reduction

Never-ending Cashbacks

Get cashbacks and benefits when you hold MooPay tokens

Deflationary Supply

Grow with us as when MooPay gets more usage, our token supply decreases. 33% of the fee is used to burn the MooPay tokens.

Holding is Money

Long term MooPay token holder could get a share of the total fee – a slice of pizza for everyone who believes in the long term vision.

Unified Long-term Vision

Passion for making a difference and multi-year locks fuel our team and investors to grow in alignment with the MooPay vision.

The Exclusive Advantage

MooPay token holders get access to exclusive features & more. Expect more announcements coming your way over time.


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Latest News

Upcoming Features

Q4 2021

  • ERC20 Support
  • SPL Support
  • Lightning Network
  • Additional chains

Q1 2022

  • Developer SDKs
  • NFT Store
  • Subscriptions
  • Social Payments
  • Gift Cards

Q2 2022

  • Moo Swap
  • Routes
  • Cross Chain Payments
  • Ramps

Q3 2022

  • Advanced financial products
  • On-chain reputation management